Activities Page

These are our past and current projects, activities, events, and/or campaigns that shed light on what we do at Conisder Biking, and what we’re striving for on behalf of all bicyclists in central Ohio. These activities result in furthering our mission – to get more people bicycling. And, these activities achieve that mission by resulting in a more bike friendly community. They create more, better, and safer conditions to ride.

Bike to Work

One of the best ways to transform the environment and health of our community, is to encourage active transportation to workplaces. Consider Biking  is committed to a campaign of “2 by 2012.” We encourage and facilitate employees to walk, cycle, or use transit to travel to their workplaces two days per month. This would result in a 10% mode shift from single-use automobile travel, which would make Columbus the “greenest” transportation city in the US.  Consider Biking hosts several events around Bike Month / Bike to Work Week / Bike to Work Day in May each year. We offer resources and encouragement to support grassroots momentum of people choosing to ride to work.

Consulting Services 

Consider Biking offers expertise consulting services to municipalities, businesses, and other organizations to further our mission to get more people on bicycles. This consultation can take the form of developing comprehensive bike plans, organizing community feedback sessions, providing Safe Routes to Schools support, or working with businesses to provide the encouragement and infrastructure to allow their employees to cycle to work.


Consider Biking provides education resources and services, tailored to specific audience needs, and to the community as a whole. We can offer everything from League of American Bicyclists Certified curriculums to brief courses for new charity riders, workplace commuters, winter cyclists, etc. We also lead soft “Share the Road” campaigns that teach cyclists respectful riding behavior, and educate motorists to mitigate the tension between motorists and cyclists on our roads.  

Rie of Silence

Consider Biking organizes the Columbus Ride of Silence. It was founded in Columbus in 2004 as a jump-start to our advocacy efforts. It is a slow group ride, akin to a funeral procession, in total silence which annually attracts 500+ riders. The ride is a safe, responsible, professional and mature response to the aggressiveness, intimidation, and carnage that cyclists face on the roads we ride. It is a means to:

  • – remember and mourn those killed by motorists,
  • – raise awareness that our community has, and supports, a large population of cyclists,
  • – show the public that cyclists are not going to stop riding on the roads,
  • – point out that we ask for respect from motorists,
  • – remind motorists that we wish only to SHARE the roads.